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“Nuclear War Can Break Out at Any Moment”

North Korea continues to menace the world with its threat of nuclear warfare. Yesterday Kim in-Ryong the North Korean deputy ambassador to the UN warned that any country cooperating with the United States will be in danger. “Countries that hold back from joint military actions with the US will be immune to harm. As long as you don’t take part of US military actions against North Korea we have no intention of using or threatening with nuclear weapons to any countries.”

The deputy ambassador added: “All of the United States is within range of our missiles and if the US dares invade our holy land even one centimeter it won’t be spared from our serious punishment anywhere in the world.”

Ryong added that: “Nuclear war can break out at any moment. The tension in North Korea came to a very fragile situation.” The ambassador said: “North Korea is not interested in any negotiations as long is the US is belligerent with it. If the belligerent policy and the nuclear threat of the US are not removed we will never lay our nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles on the negotiating table.”  

At the same time, the US and South Korea have yesterday begun joint naval exercises for 10 days as a display of might of the 2 allies in the region. An aircraft carrier and 2 destroyers are participating in the naval exercise.

Tensions in the region have risen greatly since Kim Jong-un initiated a series of nuclear and ballistic missile tests these past few months.


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