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Passover Recipe: Egg Noodles

How can you have a bowl of chicken soup without nice noodles together with it? I agree, you can’t; so here’s a Passover recipe for kosher for Passover noodles for your soup. Warning, if you finish them beforehand you’ll have to make another batch!

What ingredients do I need?

6 eggs

5 tablespoons potato starch

¼ cup of water

1 tablespoon oil

Salt and pepper

How do I prepare it?

Mix all ingredients well until you have an even mixture. Prepare a flat blintze pan or a large regular pan by preheating with the oil. Pour the half the mixture in and spread it till it’s flat, then fry it from both sides. Repeat with other half of mixture.

When you have a pile of 4 thin ‘crepes’ already fried roll them together and slice into thin strips. Put a handful into each bowl of soup. Now you can enjoy your chicken soup!


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