Family Purity

Powers of the Mikveh

The Sages say that if the woman had divine inspiration, she would be able to see a battalion of angels accompanying her to the Mikveh, and a million spirits, angels and Seraphim descending from heaven to accompany her on her way back…

On the day the woman immerses herself in the Mikveh, she has the power to rip the heavens apart! Provided that her thoughts and intentions are pure and are directed at the Almighty.

The souls of her forefathers as well as the righteous descend into the Mikveh with her.

If the woman immerses herself in a holy way, 20-30 generations of Tzadikim descend into the waters with her. And if she has an even holier intent, 50-60 Tzadikim will descend along with the angels of mercy, and maybe even King David!

A woman in the water receives powers similar to a great and righteous Rebbe, and these powers accompany her for 24 hours from the moment she immerses. This gives her the power to bless others and perform great wonders with her prayers.

All the preparations and prayers a woman is occupied with on the day before the immersion, and all her sacrifices and times she kept quiet for the sake of peace in the home, all of these things will surface in her favor during her prayers and open up the gates of heaven. 

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