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You Mean I Can Have a Mikvah in My House and Pay for it in Installments?

In a previous article click here we discussed the possibility of having a mikvah built in your own home. We spoke with Gideon Ebenspanger of Mikveh Malchut who can build a mikvah in private homes for a fraction of what a concrete mikvah costs. In a later article click here we shared with you that Gideon even had built a mikvah in someone’s house in one day! I don’t know if there’s a Guinness record for this but it’s the fastest I’ve ever heard of.

Normally a mikvah costs a lot of money and normally it takes a lot of time. These 2 facts have become myth due to Gideon’s patented invention of a home mikvah and his ability to do it so quickly. Now Gideon is about to turn the whole idea of a home mikvah into something even more affordable as he is now offering a payment installment plan of up to 10 payments for his mikvahs!
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Purity was never as attainable as it is now. This is also ideal for places that may be far removed from any community mikvah. Indeed it can be The Community Mikvah as some Moshavim and communities in Israel have done. This means that something that was out of reach until now just became possible and even more affordable than ever.

Of course these mikvahs have the rabbinical certification of Maayan Hataharah and a rabbi from the organization is actually present during the construction of the mikvah to make sure it is halachically kosher and suitable for purification.

If you’re interested in your own mikvah click here for the Mikveh Malchut Website. You’ll be happy you did and brought purity into your life and home!


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