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Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, We Miss You!

2 words so full of love, holiness and Torah

2 words that give a dull pinch to the heart

2 words with endless longing

Longing for the pillar of light, for the living Torah scroll;

Rabbi Ovadia

There are no words to describe the great void you left when leaving us

A void no one else can fill

The heart refuses consolation; it doesn’t want to accept this

On that dark day the 3rd of Cheshvan 5773 we all tasted what it means to be orphaned,

Orphaned from the leader of the generation, from the father of Israel

Yes, our father

With a smile that would light up, kind and listening eyes, you would bless, help

And sometimes even give a kind smack!

Each one of us an only son

Each Jew a diamond

I remember being only 14, crowding around with thousands of Jews that came to accompany you on your final journey

The heart rending cries of pain still echo in my ears

I’ll never forget the rivers of tears shed on the day you left us so alone

You left us and the pain is still fresh

But my father your entire mighty enterprise is very much alive

The holy Torah that you loved so much protects us

Thousands of Jews around the world learn from dozens of books you penned

And that illuminating smile? It’s stored in the hearts of hearts of those following in your path

I hope you are praying for us on high

We miss you so much and we promise to continue in your ways,

Sincerely, Am Yisrael


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