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The 6th Thing Messianic Jews for Jesus Don’t Want You to Know

All the Prophets in the scriptures say that when the Messiah comes the world will change. These prophets are also readily quoted by the “messianic Jews”. There is not one prophet that talks of the messiah coming that doesn’t describe the world changing dramatically. A wolf will dwell with the sheep and people will beat their swords into plough shears and stop learning war and fighting. Everyone will know G-d, strange deaths will cease to happen, and there will be a revival of the dead and mainly salvation and redemption for the Nation of Israel.

Since none of these prophecies have happened yet we know that the Messiah has not yet come and we continue to wait for his arrival. Jews have waited for almost 2,000 years for his arrival which would bring Israel and the world redemption.They are not waiting for a “crucified-messiah” that disappeared soon after his arrival! This is perhaps the biggest contradiction from the prophets to the Catholic belief in Jesus. Prophets all described the arrival of the messiah that will bring redemption and salvation to the world whereas Christianity brought destruction to Jews and countless wars through the millennia. 

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The Prophet Jeremiah told us that the messiah that comes will be a king that rules the entire nation of Israel and will bring justice to the whole world. “Behold days are coming Says G-d and I will establish for David a righteous one that will sprout forth and he will be a king that rules wisely, and he will do justice and charity in the land.” (23, 4)   Jeremiah also prophesized that after the Messiah comes there won't be any more heretics in the world. Everyone will know who G-d is from small to big as it says: “They will not each a man to his friend and to his brother say  “know God” for everyone will know me from the smallest to the biggest, so says God.” (31, 33)

Jeremiah also prophesizes that with the revelation of the Messiah and the Redemption there will be Justice in the world. “In these days it will not be said our parents ate sour grapes and the children’s teeth became blunt, rather each person will die from his own sins, every person who eats sour grapes, his own teeth will become blunt”.(31, 28)

Jeremiah also prophesizes that the nation Israel will continue to exist as a nation only in the merit that it keeps the Commandments of the Torah forever.” If these laws disappear from before me, says God, the descendants of Israel will cease from being a nation for all the days”. (31, 35)

Jeremiah also prophesized that in the end of days everyone will recognize that the nation of Israel is the chosen Nation: “For this is the Covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after these days so says G-d, I gave them my Torah in their midst and on their hearts I will inscribe it and I will be their G-d and they will be my nation.”  (31, 32)

The prophet Zechariah prophesizes that when Messiah comes the whole world will recognize that G-d is one and also will call out to him with one name only. “And God will be king of the whole world and on that day G-d will be one and his name will be one.” This totally contradicts the Catholic belief in the trinity.

The prophet Isaiah prophesizes that with the coming of the Redemption “a wolf will live with a sheep and a leopard will lay with the goat.”(11, 6) Daniel prophesizes that with the redemption there will also be a revival of the dead.  “Many of the people sleeping in the ground will wake up.” (12, 2)

These prophecies and many more totally contradict any Catholic claim that Jesus is the messiah. The Jews could never believe in a messiah that does not keep the words of the prophet and does not bring salvation to the world. There also is no logic to believe in a messiah that never rules in the world. The meaning of the word Messiah is that he is a King of Israel anointed to rule, that will reestablish the kingdom of the House of David and renew our days as of old. It is hard to understand where the strange Catholic belief in a Messiah that doesn't bring any change to the world came from. This opposes the words of all the prophets in the scriptures. The Messianic Jews will claim that they are still waiting for Jesus to come back again that he’ll fulfill all the words of the prophets of the about the messiah and the redemption (for a change). Why didn't he do these things the first time? Besides the fact that this faith is built on a circular logic the Catholics are waiting 2,000 Years for the return of their messiah.

Maimonides sums it up with simple logic that every Jew can understand in the laws of Kings chapter 11: “The king that is the Messiah will return the kingdom of David to its previous state of rule, will build the temple and will gather all the dispersed of Israel, as the verse says: “G-d will return your returning and have compassion on you. He'll gather you from all the nations, if you will have someone stray, from the ends of the heavens he will bring you back and from there he will take you…(Deuteronomy 30, 3). If he will do this and be successful and be victorious over all the nations around him and build the temple in its place and he will bring back the Jews from all over, that is the true Messiah and if he didn't until then succeed or he got killed then it is clear and known that this is not the one that the Torah promised us, and Jesus the Nazarene that imagined that he would be the Messiah and was put to death in court was already prophesied by Daniel as the verse says: Children from the corrupt of your nation will stand to establish a vision and they will fail. (Daniel 11, 14)”

“Is there a bigger failure than that all the prophets said the Messiah will redeem Israel and save them and gather in all the dispersed Jews and strengthen mitzvah observance. Instead this Jesus caused Jews to get killed by the sword and caused them to be dispersed and despised, he attempted to change the Torah and successfully mislead most of the world to serve a foreign God.”

The Jews understood this historical fact for two thousand years in exile under fear of the church. These things are as true today as they were in the past.


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