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The 7th Thing Messianic Jews for Jesus Don’t Want You to Know

The New Testament was not written by Jesus but by four unknown authors.

Ask any Jew who wrote the Torah scroll and he’ll immediately reply Moses. G-d dictated to Moses the entire five books of the Torah and it was given to the nation of Israel with his passing. For contrast, if you ask a catholic who wrote the New Testament he’ll tell you there were four authors that lived about 100 years after Jesus. Jesus himself didn’t record any “covenant” or “prophecy”. His words were handed down to people who were not prophets and some of which never met him. Who were these four authors? The church itself does not know as they are mentioned by name only without lineage or dates.

So all of Christianity is based on books of four unknown people that for all practical purposes could have written whatever they wanted to.  More than that, it should be mentioned that before these four people came on the scene with their small group of followers there was never an entire nation that already believed in their religion. The New Testament itself says that Jesus had only 10 students. This means that Christianity has no historical claim or reliable historical basis. The authors of the New Testament could write what they want for there was no one to contradict or affirm those words. Their ‘holy books’ have no historical veracity.

Since the New Testament was written many years after Jesus’ death its authors already read through the scriptures and tried to make the prophecies fit with Jesus. In other words if the prophet Isaiah would have said that the messiah will have blue eyes, the authors of the New Testament would write that Jesus had blue eyes.

Our Torah went through the hands of all of Israel that witnessed the mighty events of leaving Egypt, receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai and the Jewish nation also celebrated holidays and fulfilled countless mitzvoth to remember those events. On the other hand the New Testament had no nation that accepted it nor does it commemorate any such event. It’s based totally on the writings of four unknown people.

There’s no way to contradict or confirm a legend. This is the fundamental difference between history and a plain story. History is passed on by millions of witnesses of an event whereas a plain story is told over by a few people who can say whatever they want. When the story is told that Jesus walked on the water there is no nation who claims to have witnessed it. When the story is told that Jesus got up from his grave there’s no nation to stand up and testify that it was so. Since that is the case, the historical value of the New Testament is very little. It is a story with no address and believing in it is akin to believing in a story you found in your draw one sunny day.

It’s hard to understand how Messianic Jews keep repeating verses from the New Testament as if it came from heaven! They themselves admit that Jesus never wrote it but it was written by 4 unknown authors many years after Jesus was crucified.


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