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The bullets hit the seat, not the driver

Chani Apiryon, a mother of five from the settlement of Kidah in the Binyamin region, was travelling yesterday from Beit El to her house. Near Beit El a terrorist stood on the side of the road and shot at her.

Chani recollected the terrifying moments in an interview with Israel National News:

“At 5:45 I was coming back from work and speaking with a friend on the car phone. Suddenly I saw a young man with a Kafia (headscarf) standing on the road near the entrance to an abbatoir and I realized that he was holding a gun in his hand”.

“I screamed on the phone that I was being shot at and then he really began shooting. I continued driving and he continued shooting. I looked back because I had seen somebody driving behind me but I didn't see her. My friend from Kidah called 911 and I signaled to cars coming from the other side to be careful. When I got to the junction, I told the soldiers that I had been shot at”.

Chani discovered to her amazement that a number of bullets had hit her vehicle and by a miracle she had escaped unscathed.

“The front and back doors were damaged, the bullets hit the back seat and one of them was under my seat”.

Next Shabbat Chani plans to make a party thanking Hashem for saving her.


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