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The Girl Does Not Have Meningitis

Rabbi Abergel went to one of the Kollels (institute of advanced Torah study for married men) of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in order to deliver a lecture on character development. The head of the kollel was one of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s top students and he had a very sad story.
His sister-in-law’s daughter was a 10 year old that just fainted and lost consciousness. She was brought to the hospital and the doctors said she has meningitis. That is a dangerous infection inside the head that squeezes on the brain and harms it. The doctors pressured the family to agree to a long difficult operation that would save her life.

Rabbi Abergel came to the Kollel and spoke and afterwards he blessed all the young men with blessings and salvations both spiritually and physically. But before he left, the head of the Kollel asked him to come to a side room. The rabbi agreed and the Kollel head said his sad story. “Rabbi the doctors are pressing to do the operation. What should we do?”

Rabbi Abergel was silent for a few moments; he was deep in thought. Suddenly, he picked up his head and said: “Listen to me, this girl does not have meningitis.” “What do you mean?” The rabbi asked Rabbi Abergel, “The doctors say she does?” Rabbi Abergel waved his hands and said: “She had a convulsion, that's why she lost her consciousness. Tell the family that G-d willing on this Friday she's going to stand up and she does not need an operation.”

The head of the Kollel out was astounded from this clear news that was hard to believe possible. However he had strong faith in our Sages. He thanked Rabbi Abergel for his Blessing and he left. He ran back to the family to tell them of blessing and the news from Rabbi Abergel. The family also received the news with mixed emotions. On one hand they were very happy about the news. On the other hand they were scared to just depend on such a simple recovery.

But the miracle really happened! That Friday morning the girl opened up her eyes and she asked to drink. Later that day she asked to get off the bed and after a few days of the observation in the hospital she was sent home with the doctor's whispering behind her back, “a medical miracle, a medical miracle”.


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