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The Immense Debt Which the World Owes Israel

Frontpagemagazine published an article explaining that the world owes a debt of gratitude to Israel for its far-reaching contributions in making the world a safer place.

As the world reels from a pandemic of deadly Islamist terror attacks, many are turning to Israel for assistance. From its formidable cyber capabilities to its tactics and training, Israel is a recognized world leader in the fight against terrorism.

The Land of Israel in 1948 was a semi-arid land plagued by chronic drought. But thanks to a combination of conservation, recycling, drip irrigation and desalinization, Israel no longer suffers from water shortages and even exports large quantities of water to Jordan.  California, Texas, and many third world countries have partnered with Israeli water technology companies to alleviate its water problems. 

Starved of natural resources, every Israeli home is equipped with solar panels to capture the sun’s rays and convert it into usable energy. By 2017 Israel has committed itself to making renewable energy account for 10 percent of its total consumption by 2020.

When man-made and natural disasters struck Haiti, Japan, Turkey, Kosovo, Nepal and the Philippines, Israel was among the first to send medical and rescue assistance. 

It is in the military realm where Israel has made lasting contributions that have made the world significantly safer. After Israel’s rescue of a skyjacked plane in Entebbe held by a joint PLO-West German terror squad, skyjackings tapered off.

In June 1981 and then again in September 2007, Israel destroyed nuclear facilities in Iraq and Syria. Had Israel not acted in the manner that it did, there’s a reasonably good chance that Saddam Hussein would now be in control of much of the world’s oil wealth and Hezbollah or ISIS would be nuclear-capable.

In June 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon with the aim of expelling the PLO from the country. The Israeli Air Force, utilizing new tactics and technologies, decimated the SAM batteries, and 90 Soviet-made, Syrian Mig-21 and Mig-23 fighter jets sent to protect the missiles were swatted out of the sky. Syrian T-72 tanks, the newest in the Soviet arsenal, were destroyed without a single Israeli loss.

The Czech deputy chief of staff told Israel’s former air force commander, David Ivri, in 1992 that the dominance of western technology over Soviet technology during the 1982 Lebanon war was one of the key factors that led to Glasnost and 


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