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Trump and Abu Mazen Behind Closed Doors

According to sources in Abu Mazen’s office their meeting started positive enough but became quite confrontational very quickly. Trump blamed Abu Mazen for supporting the terrorists by funding prisoner’s families and for the incitement taught in PA schools.

Trump made it clear that he cannot overlook the incitement taking place in PA schools and his payments to terrorist prisoners and yet hold back progress in the peace talks. Abu Mazen tried defending himself saying that in thepast there was a joint committee between Israel and the PA to take care of incitement from both sides but the committee doesn’t function today. He also tried saying that he doesn’t pay the prisoner’s salaries rather a special PLO fund pays it.

When hearing these words Trump cut Abu Mazen short impatiently and banged his hand on the table. He reprimanded Abu Mazen for talking about wanting peace but not giving it any actual expression in reality. He said the Israelis showed him proof the Abu Mazen is directly involved in incitement in many various ways and compensates the terrorists that harmed Jews. Trump said he felt like he was fooled by Abu Mazen when he visited the White House and portrayed a picture of progress toward renewing the peace negotiations and a true desire for peace when actually his actions prove the opposite.

Trump also made clear that his administration will run differently than the previous one. The chance of a two state solution is extremely unlikely and Trump will try to promote other initiatives like a regional process based on the Arab initiative for peace and a parallel track of direct Israel Palestinian negotiations.

Abu Mazen countered that any initiative that won’t include the Palestinian conflict in it, and on top of its list, will see strong opposition from the Palestinian side.

Trump countered that the leaders of Jordan, Egypt and Persian Gulf states made it clear to him when visiting Saudi Arabia that they support what he wants to promote on the condition that it doesn’t harm Palestinian interests.

The meeting ended at this point with both of them exiting and going to a joint press conference. The meeting lasted a total of 20 minutes.


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