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The Islamic State Now Calling for Jihadist Attacks in Russia

Despite constant assurances by President Obama that American forces are overcoming the ISIS terrorist group, it seems that ISIS hasn’t heard the good news and to the contrary, is even expanding its terrorist reach. 

The terror group has just called on its members and neophytes to carry out terror attacks in Russia, similar to those that it perpetrated in Europe and the U.S.

In its latest video released on its social media, a masked Islamic State member threatens: “Listen Putin, we will come to Russia and will kill you at your homes … Oh Brothers, carry out jihad and kill and fight them.” 

Russia is a supporter of Syrian President Bashar Assad and has launched its own airstrikes against the Islamic State and other Syrian Sunni rebels.

ISIS terrorism has attained a global reach within 3 short years, and today has boots down in large parts of Iraq, Syria, the Sinai peninsula, Libya, and Yemen, as well as terror cells all over the west.

In the past year, it and lone terrorists who chose to affiliate with it, have perpetrated terror attacks in the U.S., Great Britain, France and Germany.


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