The Most Expensive Kippah in the World

Would you like to own the most expensive Kippah in the world? If you can plunk down $167,000 it can be yours.

The person to craft this exquisite Kippah is Toks Daniel. It includes over 3,500 Swarovski crystals and it’s topped off with a 2 carat diamond. Conceiving and creating the Kippah took Daniel 14 days because each crystal had to be placed by hand to a predetermined position in a very exact way with no room for error. Robert Goodman a prominent London jeweler was the one to provide the beautiful 2 carat solitaire cut diamond which sits in the middle of a Star of David at the top of the Kippah. Toks wanted the kippah to be ready for purchase as a Chanukah gift for that special someone who can afford it.

Artist Toks Daniel originally comes from Nigeria. He became an artist and he built up a celebrity clientele over the years which has a number of high profile Premier League footballers, NFL players and top international musicians. This Kippah marks his first foray into creating Judaica among his other high end creations. Toks says: “When I was a child in Nigeria Jews had an exotic image and the more I’m exposed to Jews and Judaism, the more I am enamored with its rituals, principles and aesthetics. My yarmulke design (he calls it with the Yiddish “Yarmulke”) manifests my enchantment with the Judaism.”

Daniel pledged a donation of $1,330 to the Chabad of Nigeria upon the successful sale of the Kippah. If he ups his donation to a tithe totaling $16,700 it will probably sell faster. Time will tell.

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