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Tragedy: Fire in Ramot

An orthodox couple was critically injured on Friday night when there was an explosion in their house probably from a Shabbat hot plate that burst into flames. An additional man was moderately injured and three children were lightly injured.

A great explosion was heard at 2:00 am on Friday night in a building in Ramot. The fire burned in two neighboring apartments. Neighbors claim that a Shabbat hot plate exploded. This hot plate was gas heated as opposed to an electric one. A huge fire broke out and the entire building was evacuated until a city engineer inspected and deemed it safe to return to the building.

Shuki Becker, a volunteer motorcycle first responder for United Hatzalah recounts: “We administered first aid to victims who suffered from burns and smoke inhalation. Firefighters worked to put out the flames and ascertain the cause of the fire. Apartments of neighbors and nearby parked cars sustained great damage”.

Hadassah hospital stated: “On Friday night two burn victims from a Ramot fire were brought to the trauma unit, a 37 year old man and a 36 year old woman. They were in critical but stable condition. They are now in the intensive care unit on breathing machines under induced unconsciousness.


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