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Water in the Bowels of the Earth


The Russians from the year 1970 until 1992 dug a hole down into the depths of the earth, 12.5 kilometers deep.  Only recently, they discovered massive amounts of water down in the depths of the earth. So much water, that it is estimated that our oceans are only 25% of all the water in and on earth. Three times more water is under the ground. The Russian scientists claim that this was caused by the great flood in the time of Noah as we know from the Torah. It also explains where all the water disappeared to when the flood subsided.

Rabbi Zamir Cohen in a speech in Tel Aviv said; “It's really much more than that. The truth is that at the very creation of the world there were enormous amounts of water deep in the earth. The Torah says that initially the whole world was surrounded by water and only afterward on the third day of creation did G-d command the waters to divide. When that happened, the earth, which previously was spherical broke up into different elevations to allow the water to go under and into the earth. The greatest portion of water went into the earth and just one quarter remained on the surface as the oceans we know of.”

The Russians themselves claim that this find dispels the myth held by the scientists that the world is full of molten lava and the rest is solid. The world is really full with water! Rabbi Cohen said that this idea is proof of the many verses in the Torah and scriptures.  The verse in Psalms says: “(Praise) To The One Who places the earth on the waters, for His kindness is forever.” What does it mean “places the earth on the waters”? This verse was something the scientists scoffed at! How about our morning blessing thanking G-d for placing the earth on the waters? The same thing! This flew in face of the “facts” of modern science! We can now understand that Hashem placed the earth on the waters almost like plating the waters with plates of earth similar to plating wood with a metallic surface. This is what these verses and blessings mean.”

We can take a lesson from this not to be overly impressed by what scientists have to say about the Torah! If we find a verse that can't be understood according to what we know we may eventually find the answer clearly without having to apologize for what seems to be against the “truth” of science!


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