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A New Study Links Cancer with Prolonged Sitting

Who does not suffer from the 21st century epidemic called ‘prolonged sitting’? Many studies have already shown that there is a direct connection between prolonged sitting, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, digestive and intestinal problems. However, findings of a recent study, found a new link that has never been discussed in the past, connecting the development of cancer cells in the intestines and uterus to lounging in one place for an extended period of time.

About four million people attended the study, conducted by researchers at the University of Regensburg in Germany, which included an analysis of previous studies. They were all questioned about their way of life and the total time they spent sitting during the day. The conclusion: For every two hours of prolonged sitting – the risk of colon cancer is increased by 8%, and that of uterine cancer is increased to 10%. In other words, the more you sit motionless in one place, especially if you add food consumption to that – the greater the chances are of developing one of these two types of cancer.

The study also shows that even people who do not suffer from excess weight, or who exercise at the gym often, may still be prone when sitting (or lying down) for a long period of time. The head of the study, Daniela Schmidt, has pointed to experiments proving that staying in bed for two weeks, for example, increases the level of CRP (an inflammatory response). “Daily exercise is also a solution to cancer prevention, you have to try and be careful not to lounge around in one place more than two hours straight without moving”, concludes Schmidt.


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