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Will America Respond to the Syrian Massacre?

Following the Assad regime’s bombing the outskirts of Idlib with chemical weapons, the UN Security Council met for a special session on Wednesday.

British UN Ambassador Matthew Rycroft revealed: “In the past there was an opportunity for the council to condemn Assad's use of chemical weapons and to express unity, but Russia and China vetoed the resolution no less than seven times. Yesterday we witnessed the results of the veto – they appear on the faces of the children. History will judge all of us according to the way that we respond to these unforgivable images. “

The comments were made after a joint decision was made by the United States, Britain and France to condemn the use of chemical weapons in the war against Syria, and demand that the Syrian government provide information on previous air operations using such weapons.

American UN Ambassador Nikki Hailey claimed: “Assad, Russia, and Iran have no desire for peace. When the United Nations fails to fulfill its obligation, there are moments that obligate us to act,” she said. She also presented pictures of Syrian children who were wounded in the attack and clarified: “We cannot close our eyes. We know that Assad used chemical weapons against his citizens, and yesterday's attack was a new low. How many more children have to die before Russia cares? “

During the day President Trump met with King Abdullah of Jordan in Washington, where he was asked if there would be an American response to Assad. Trump replied: “You will see; the American approach to Assad has changed a lot.”


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