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20 Weeks is Too Early for This, You Should Terminate the Pregnancy

When her water broke in the 20th week no one thought Jett would live. His mother stubbornly refused to abort him and ultimately saved his life. Today Jett is a 3 year old healthy and beautiful little hero!

Jett Morris was born weighing 640 grams after a 25 week pregnancy. He was smaller than the palm of his father’s hand. The trouble all started in the 20th week when his mother Mhairi shockingly discovered that her water broke. She hurried to the hospital where the doctors told her that there was nothing they could do for her and that she should terminate the pregnancy.  She discussed it with her husband and they both agreed to disregard the doctors’ recommendations. “The doctors treating me did not see what I was carrying as a baby. I knew all was well with him and though the water broke we had a 20 week scan a few days before where they told us he’s a healthy boy and I wasn’t ready to give him up.”

“After they checked me and confirmed that the water broke they told me there is nothing they can do to save the fetus and that I must end the pregnancy. I understand that doctors always look at the worst case scenario so people don’t get false hopes but no two people are alike and the fact is that Jett survived.”

After refusing to sign papers to go ahead with the abortion the doctors told her that chances are that in 24 to 48 hours she would in all probability give birth to a dead baby because 20 weeks is way before the threshold that a fetus would live if born that early. They waited patiently and after a few days when nothing further happened she was sent home. 2 weeks later she came back bleeding profusely.

This time it was clear, Mhairi was giving birth. The first hospital could only take a premature birth from 28 weeks so they were moved to a hospital with a more advanced neonatal intensive care unit which could handle such an early birth.  The second hospital also warned that chances are the baby will be born with major brain damage and perhaps die becaue his lungs aren’t yet developed but Mhairi was adamant to fight for her child’s life.

Jett was born with jaundice, chronic lung disease and heart defects but from day to day got stronger and stronger instead of getting weaker and dying. 3 months later, still before his due date when he would have been born under normal circumstances they were discharged and sent home in good health.

“We‘re very happy with our miracle and it is important for us to share this message with parents” Jett’s parents told the Daily Mail over 2 years ago on Jett’s first birthday. “Don’t accept anything you are told as self-understood. Go with your gut feeling. If we would have listened to what we were told Jett would not be with us today.”


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