A Blessing for Your Livelihood? Listen to the Blessing of the Kohanim

Your heart can break from hearing people talk about not being able to finish off their month without getting deeper into debt. Someone had a run in with the tax authorities, someone else had an expensive computer break and they have no way to recoup their loss.

To all these fine Jews I give one piece of advice: to concentrate on the blessing of the Kohanim. This is a Segulah (spiritual remedy) for abundance of all good things. The first verse of the priestly blessing is: “May G-d bless you and protect you”. According to the Chida the Kohanim became the givers of wealth to Israel because of the exceptional behavior of the Levite tribe in Egypt.

The Chida writes in the name of the Shach that when the nation of Israel was commanded to take gifts of gold and silver from the Egyptians the Levites decided not to take anything. For the whole reason the rest of the nation could take these gifts was for payment of their hundreds of years of hard labor. But the Levites weren’t enslaved so the unanimously decided not to take gifts from the Egyptians though G-d didn’t specify who should or shouldn’t take.

Overcoming this difficult test pertaining to money made them worthy in G-d’s eyes to pour blessings on the rest of their brothers the nation of Israel for all future generations. Therefore the Kohanim were chosen do be the “blessers” of the nation.   

I advise everyone to be careful to listen to the priestly blessings form the Kohanim. When they spread their arms out to bless the nation, one should stand with fear and reverence picturing himself a as vessel prepared to receive the blessing.

The Priestly blessings are no less effective than those of a Torah giant which people sometimes travel great distances to receive.

Here is an explanation of the Priestly blessing:

G-d should bless you and pour wealth and wisdom on you.

And protect you and give you and to Israel sons.

G-d should shine his face on you and add life to Israel

And favor you and bless you with finding favor and being liked.

G-d should turn his face to you and bless Israel with wealth and authority

And grant you peace literally.


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