Top Doctors Treating Rabbi Shteinman put on Tefillin for the First Time

A great Kiddush Hashem (sanctification of G-d) took place in the Maaynei Hayeshua hospital.  A cardiologist, an intensive care doctor and a third senior doctor from the Maaynei Hayeshua staff all put on tefillin for the very first time. This took place while Rabbi Shteinman was under their supervision in the intensive care ward.

They never put on tefillin before and they got to put on the tefillin belonging to Rabbi Shteinman. Professor Eliyahu Sorkin, head of the intensive care ward and a Hasid of Chabad told the news to Kikar Shabbat. He explained that he asked one of the senior doctors taking care of Rabbi Shteinman if he would like to put on tefillin. The doctor answered “yes if I put on Rabbi Shteinman’s”. The professor, who wasn’t going to let a golden opportunity like this pass, didn’t hesitate and approached the personal attendants of the rabbi with his request. ” Would the rabbi be willing to lend his tefillin for this mitzvah?”

Immediately the answer was “yes” and this doctor put tefillin on for the first time in their lives! Other doctors heard and they too agreed to put on the tefillin also for their very first time.

One mitzvah brings the next and we hope it will lead them to more mitzvoth!


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