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Bernardino & Orlando Police Chiefs Visit Israel to Learn How to Deal With Terror

A delegation of police chiefs of American cities already targeted by terror came to Israel to learn from Israel’s experience in fighting terror. 
Among the delegation were chiefs of the Orlando, Florida and San Bernadino, California police departments, who recently witnessed terrorist attacks in their cities.

John McMahon, sheriff of San Bernardino County, California, said, “To come over and interact with the Israeli National Police to see how they deal with the multiple cultures, the extremism, and terrorism, is an opportunity of a lifetime for us. This is a new world for us, and we can learn a lot from the Israel Police.”

Orlando Police Chief John Mina whose city was hit with the largest mass shooting in modern US history last June, said the attack “made me want to come to Israel to learn how the Israeli Police deal with terrorism, how they respond to it, and see what their training is like,” he said. 

Mina was impressed with how Israeli Police utilize heavily-armed pairs of officers on motorcycles to deal rapidly with potential threats and how they carefully monitor social media to prevent attacks. 

“I like the way the Israeli Police pretty much go right after the threat. Over here they don’t negotiate with terrorists, and I think that’s the way to go.”
Police spokesman Rosenfeld said that as more brazen terrorist attacks unfold across the globe, international law enforcement officials are increasingly seeking Israel’s advice on how to deal with the growing epidemic.


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