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Bibi Netanyahu Now the Longest Consecutive Term Israeli Leader

Prime Minister of Israel Binyamin Netanyahu, 67, just surpassed David Ben-Gurion’s record for the longest consecutive term. This Tuesday Netanyahu will have spent 2,793 consecutive days – or 7 years and 236 days – as premier.

Netanyahu took over for his second run as prime minister on March 31, 2009. Ben-Gurion’s longest consecutive streak was his second term in office as well, from November 3, 1955, to June 26, 1963.

Although Netanyahu has surpassed Ben-Gurion’s consecutive record, Ben Gurion still holds the record as the longest- serving prime minister, since his first term in office lasted about 5½ years, from May 1948 to January 1954.

Netanyahu is likely to outdo that record, too, if he remains prime minister until the end of his present tenure until July 19, 2019. Netanyahu’s first term from 1996-1999 lasted just over three years.

There are many contemporary leaders who have served more than 2,793 straight days.

German Chancellor Andrea Merkel has been in office since November 22, 2005, a full 4,018 days, and is planning to run again for a fourth term.

Margaret Thatcher served as Britain’s premier for 4,226 days from 1979-1990; Francois Mitterrand spent 5,109 straight days as France’s president from 1981-1995; and Sweden’s former prime minister Tage Erlander holds the record among established democracies, serving for no less than 8,404 days from 1946-1969.

In the meanwhile Netanyahu is in no rush to retire. During the recent brouhaha over his decision to purchase three additional German submarines, Netanyahu advised those in a hurry to topple him, “I am going to be with you still for a long time.”


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