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Trump, You are Always Welcome in Israel

The high point of Trump’s visit was the meeting he and Netanyahu had at the King David Hotel. It was a private meeting and when it was over, they both made some declarations.

Trump said: “It’s a great honor for me to be with my good friend Prime Minister Netanyahu. We are more than friends, we are great allies. We should take advantage of the situation because there are many things that can now happen that couldn’t happen before.”

Discussing his trip to Saudi Arabia he said: During the visit I met many leaders of the Arab and Muslim world. We share the same worries about ISIS and I’m glad we have cooperation in dealing with terror.”

Netanyahu summarized the meeting: “We had an exceptional discussion. I think we understand one another. I want to thank the President for his commitment to Israel’s security and peace. Now, for the first time in my life, I see hope for change. The Arab leaders you met can create the conditions for real peace. These are good signs. I believe that together we can stop Iran’s parade of aggression and terror and frustrate Iran’s efforts to become a nuclear armed nation.”

Netanyahu concluded with warm words: “it is said that Abraham Lincoln said there’s no city he would like to visit as much as Jerusalem. And so, Honorable President Donald, there’s no city that you’re invited to more than Jerusalem. Welcome to Jerusalem; welcome to Israel!”

Before meeting with Netanyahu, Trump addressed the sensitive information that he passed to the Russian foreign minister. He said: “I didn’t mention the word or name Israel in that discussion. People say I mentioned it well here is another mistaken story.”


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