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Giving In Gained Nothing! Temple Mount Violence Continues

Numerous disturbances and injuries were reported when tens of thousands of worshippers came to pray on the Temple Mount after the Mufti’s announcement that they should come. Riots between people who (supposedly) came to worship and the police started about noon time. Young Arabs threw stones and bottles at security forces and were received with riot dispersal tactics to bring calm back to the area.

According to the Red Crescent there were at least 37 injured. In addition disturbances took place on the roof of the Al-Aksa mosque when youth waved Palestinian flags, threw water at passerby and celebrated the surrender of the government taking down all security measures on the Temple Mount.
Though these measures were removed there were a considerable amount of Muslims who continued to not enter claiming they don’t have enough freedom to enter through the Lion’s Gate. But yet others said that “the Mufti decided” meaning that they clearly are permitted to go up to the Temple Mount. The Wakf called upon the masses of the Arabs to ascend the Temple Mount for a victory prayer at 4:00 PM.

After the tens of thousands of Arabs Ascended the Temple Mount the aforementioned riots began across the whole area. The worshippers pointed out that as far as they are concerned they are prepared to literally go to war so long as they don’t get total freedom to ascend and enter the Temple Mount.

The Al-Aksa administrator added: “It’s all the fault of the Israeli security forces that oppress the worshippers to appease the Israeli right!”

The Prime Minister’s office announced that since the situation on the temple Mount is still sensitive the prime minister instructed the border police to increase in numbers to help the Jerusalem police do their job.


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