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Instead of Parchment, the Hand Tefillin Contained a Note “You Blew It”

After 11 years of not checking the tefillin, an 80 year old traditional Jew decided to have them checked by scribe Liran Crispin. He never imagined that for over a decade, he had put on empty tefillin with the Jewish passages from the Torah on parchment missing. But what Crispin found in the tefillin, was deeply shocking.

After opening the head and the hand tefillin boxes, Crispin discovered that they were empty besides a note in the hand box that read: “You blew it.”

In an interview with 0404 News, Crispin said that the tefillin owner is a traditional Jew who decided before the holidays to check the tefillin he has been putting on every morning, which he hadn’t checked for 11 years. “He told me that he has been putting on these tefillin after he checked his old tefillin and were informed that they were invalid and had to be replaced.”

“How could the person who made these tefillin have been so deceitful?” the scribe asked angrily. “I hope that there are no other tefillin like these in the market.”

Crispin had to tell that Jew what he found in the tefillin, and so he visited the Jew at home.

As soon as the elderly man saw the note, “he held his head in his hands – it was so painful for him,” Crispin said. 


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