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Is it a Miracle or a Natural Phenomenon?

Last week a storm at the border of Syria and Israel was filmed and posted on Facebook by Israel News Online. The storm stopped on the border of Israel and did not go into Israel. They claimed that this is because G-d watches over us and is preventing ISIS from causing us harm.

WATCH NOW – Amazing Footage: Huge Storm that Raged in Syria, Halts at the Border of Israel

This view took off in the press especially in the U.K. The Mirror had these headlines:
Biblical storm cloud of dust and rain 'sent by God to put a barrier between Israel and ISIS'  

Bat Mitzvah

Then the Mirror went on to discuss what happened at length and ended the article with a poll where 86% believe it was an act of G-d. 

Jewish History

The U.K Daily Mail Online had similar headlines though the responses there were more cynical and less into the possibility that it was a miracle.

Jewish History

What does this mean for us, the Jewish Nation? Whether or not it was a miracle it was still a discussion about us. We should remind ourselves that yes, G-d actually looks after us and cares about us. Who directs the world's storms? G-d is the one who made it happen. Many miracles have happened to us and continue to happen to us to this day. G-d is and will continue to be our Father in Heaven that watches us down here and especially in Israel. 


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