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Israel MK’s Demand: “Stop Paying the Terrorists Immediately”

Will a new bill help prevent terrorist attacks in Israel? Recently, a group of MKs with an army or security background formulated an interesting bill proposal to the Knesset a week ago.

There’s a document written by the former head of the research division of Military Intelligence, Brigadier General Yossi Kuperwasser, which shows that PA payments to terrorists imprisoned in Israel and the families of terrorists killed by the security forces have in recent years increased by millions of shekels. The average monthly salary that an imprisoned terrorist receives is five times the average monthly salary in the Authority.

For example, a terrorist who receives a sentence of up to three years in prison receives NIS 1,400 a month. A terrorist who gives 5-10 years in prison receives NIS 4,000 a month, 15-20 years in prison, NIS 7,000, and 30 years or more – NIS 12,000 a month.

Absurdly, from the Palestinian Authority's summary of the 2016 budget it is apparent that more than NIS 1.1 billion was received from the State of Israel. However, in light of the data which proves that the money is being transferred to the terrorists, the MKs propose that a law be enacted that will enable the state to deduct the salaries paid to terrorists and their families from the payments made to the PA.
According to the authors of the proposal, Israel's payments to the Palestinian Authority are based on the Paris Agreement, which is an economic appendix of the Oslo Accords. Meanwhile, the PA's transfer of funds to the terrorists is a violation of the Oslo Accords. It is therefore possible to connect the two things and deduct the payments made to finance the terrorists form the amount normally given to the PA.

The initiator of the proposal, MK Stern, said: “This is a real motivation to murder Jews, and we have a duty to stop this madness immediately.”


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