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Israeli Policewoman Feeds Wheelchair Bound Handicapped Protester on Highway

Route 70, the road that passes Zichron Yaakov on its way northward and inland passes a place called Bat Shlomo where handicapped people gathered on the highway to protest the government allowances for the handicapped which aren’t sufficient to live from.

There were dozens of police on hand to make sure things were safe and no one should get hurt. A policewoman named Netta from the Zichron Yaakov police station gave a handicapped woman a tray of food and then she opened it and patiently spoon fed the woman. She did this all with a great big smile though it was actually hot out and most people would rather be at home or in their office next to their air conditioners.

Netta told a Yedioth Acharonot reporter that “the great heat outside makes it difficult for the police. So it most certainly makes it difficult for the handicapped out there protesting.” Since it was hot out the police came equipped with bottles of water and meals in trays to make things easier.

Netta gave a tray to Chaya Zigdon age 66 from Bat Yam and Chaya refused the meal saying she can’t use her hands so she can’t eat the meal. Chaya relates: “Then this amazing policewoman smiles at me and says: “What’s the problem? I’ll make sure you can eat.” The policewoman opened the tray which really was meant for herself took out a spoon and fed me like a child! It was hot outside but that didn’t stop her!”

Chaya also said: “Drivers who saw this when they were driving by clapped! It’s astounding that there are such great policewomen as these. I have no words to thank her.”


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