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Former Miss Israel Got Engaged at Western Wall

Hidabroot reported on Former Miss Israel, Mor Maman’s embracing Torah and mitzvoth this past year in a few different articles. In this article she vowed she would stop wearing immodest clothing during a trip to Uman to pray at Rabbi Nachman of Breslov’s tomb. In another article Mor discussed how G-d send her livelihood though she stopped immodest modeling shoots. In yet another article we reported on Mor donating a Torah scroll to a synagogue in Har Homa, a Jerusalem suburb.

Mor mentioned she was interested in getting married in those previous articles and this week she accepted when Frank Yisrael Amsalem proposed to her.  He actually got down on his knee at the Western Wall and proposed.

As we reported, Mor is getting stronger each day in her observance of Judaism after she was Miss Israel 2014. It started with her brothers becoming observant and continued as she started watching Torah lectures online. She told Avner Shaki of Hidabroot: “I felt the words I heard were talking to me personally and something deep inside me was drawn to it. I felt I had everything and yet I had nothing. I flew, worked, saw and did but my soul got tired of it and I felt specifically the Torah lectures I heard were genuine.”

Mor is not yet 22 at the time of this writing but Torah is the center of her life and she knows what she wants for the future. Though she started on her path alone she had her priorities straight and knew what she wanted to work on. “First of all I cleansed myself of lashon hara and gossip. In my previous world I had no idea it was forbidden to say bad things about others. After that I took upon myself to dress modestly and I gave up wearing pants and today I can say I really enjoy it!” And as we said she won't need to continue on her path alone.

Mor posted the following about her engagement in social media: “In all my prayers which I wholeheartedly concentrated on, I found you and I discovered that G-d in heaven is really great!” 


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