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Israeli Woman Diagnosed with Cancer at 92 is Doing Fine at 97!

At age 92 Esther Wachsman was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer. Today 5 years later she has a clean bill of health and is a source of inspiration to women and cancer patients in general.

She was treated by the oncology team at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv that came to a joint decision with Esther that they would fight the cancer together. Professor Ido Wolff the head of the oncology department told Y-net that25% of his cancer patients are older than 80 years old (something that other countries should consider in their health care). “Since the beginning of the year we’ve treated more than 1,000 patients over age 80. Treating an older person poses a dilemma as their bodies aren’t young and resilient like a 30 year old’s body. Many also have a medical background of other ailments besides the cancer. On the other hand there are many otherwise perfectly healthy cancer patients that reach 80 in good health and these patients can have many good years of quality life ahead them like Esther.”

The professor explained that “Esther received 8 weeks of chemotherapy instead of 12 weeks and she’s been clean for a few years already. She comes in once every 3 weeks to take a biological medicine. I see her more in the shopping centers than I see her at the hospital.”

“Esther came to us with her life threatened by cancer but outside of that she led a very active life. We were very happy her treatment was a success.”

Esther explained: “I have a nice life, a nice home and a beautiful family. I went through a lot in life. We’ve got to live; we can’t give up we’ve got to do everything (to live).

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