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Jewish, Arab Fertility Rates Reach Parity for First Time

The Israel Central Bureau of Statistics reports that fertility rates among Jewish and Arab women in Israel are for the first time equal, and standing at an average of 3.13 children born to each woman as of 2015.

At the end of 2015, there were 2.798 million children (aged 0-17) living in Israel, making up 33% of the total population. Some 1.996 million (71.3%) of these children are Jewish, 718,000 (25.7%) are Arab and 84,000 (3%) are listed as “other” or non-Arab Christians.

Children make up about 40% of the Jerusalem's population, likely due to the large hareidi population in the city, whereas they are about a fifth in Haifa and Tel Aviv-Jaffa.


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