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Most Beautiful Mikve In The World?

A sumptuous new Mikve was dedicated this week in the Sakolniky district of the Russian capital Moscow, exactly ninety years after Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Scheersohn, the previous Rebbe of Lubavitch, appealed to the Chasidim to show courage and valor in keeping the Shuls and Mikvaot in Russia open despite the Communist decrees. The Mikve is situated in the Campus of Machon Chamesh, a girls educational centre adjacent to the Sakolniky park and it was donated by Baruch Ben Tzion Gurwicz, Isai Zakhariyev and the Chenzin family. One of the donors reportedly made some of the Mikve's ornamental decorations out of real gold, since he only has daughters and hopes that in the merit of his donation he will have a male child.

At the opening ceremony Rabbi Berel Lazer, the chief rabbi of Russia who affixed the Mezuza on the Mikve, spoke at length about the tremendous merit which the donors have in strengthening purity and sanctity in Jewish families as well as beautifying the Mitzva in an unusual way.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the Rabbi of Safed, added his blessing to those present that they should merit to a fulfilling Jewish life. The Chabad representative to Moscow, Rav Avraham Beckerman, spoke about the amazing miracles which had accompanied the building of the Mikve at every stage.


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