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Motorcycle Crash Victim Miraculously Survived

Last Friday a 35 year old man from Northern Israel rode a motorcycle and crashed into a tree with great force. Being in the North, he was flown to the Rambam Hospital by helicopter. He had sustained moderate injuries to most of his body but the doctors, seeing a thick branch pierced through his helmet were most worried about head injuries.

Dr. David Hochstein, a senior physician in Rambam’s Trauma and Surgery unit told Ynet: “The man came in with serious injury to his face and forehead. The branch was thick and cut through the skin and flesh of the scalp, but his good luck held and the branch didn’t penetrate his skull. If the branch would have gone just a few more millimeters deeper it would have been fatal.”

The man was sent to a general CT scan which ruled out other serious injury. Afterwards the man underwent a series of minor surgeries and stayed in the hospital for observation for a few days. To proclaim the great miracle that took place, the doctors placed the helmet with the branch pierced through it next to the man’s bed so he would understand how G-d was watching over him.

The man was discharged yesterday, (Monday) and the doctors say: “This was without a doubt a medical miracle.”


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