No Cameras, No Magnetic Gates, No Security, Yes Terror

Last night the magnetic gates to the Temple Mount were removed, today the cameras that were up for yeas were removed. The government’s deal with the Waqf, Jordan and Muslims in general was to put up ‘advanced security measures’. It doesn’t seem so reassuring this solution. It may be vetoed down the line by the all-powerful Waqf and Muslim terror to back it against the spineless decisions of our government. It could also be an emperor’s clothes solution that doesn’t really exist. In our generation we call it smoke and mirrors.

Meanwhile the Waqf guards are back to make sure the Temple Mount is secure (of Jews and nothing else). Within 6 months the advanced security systems will be in place at a cost of 100 million Shekels including increased security presence. If terror wouldn’t be financed for many times that amount by Abu Mazen we would need to spend far less on security. Either way, these measures have yet to be implemented if ever.

The new advanced technology is based on smart cameras that identify faces. This solution was agreed upon after the police met representatives of the 4 main Israeli security companies. These cameras can detect weapons on people with infrared in addition to identifying faces. They are extremely expensive and the 100 million shekels allocated for it may not be sufficient.

Taking to cameras and magnetic gates wasn’t mentioned in the cabinet meeting as part of the deal to get back the embassy worker that shot the Jordanian terrorist. The Embassy worker was released unconditionally; the Jordanians just suddenly changed their minds according to Netanyahu. Most of the other cabinet members believe the cameras and gates were part of the deal and helped bring the embassy worker home safely from Jordan.

This morning, Security Cabinet Member, Minister Yoav Galant told Israel Army radio in an interview that he felt placing the magnetic gates at the Temple Mount was a mistake. “It was clear in terms of absorption that you can’t pass tens of thousands of people through quickly if they aren’t cooperating. This was immediately clear. We’ve made mistakes. What is important is that we have collective responsibility.” End of quote. Can you tell me what ‘in terms of absorption’ means and ‘collective responsibility’ means? Those words were pure politic talk with no meaning whatsoever. So much for protecting our country!

One last question. If regular cameras were taken down why should the Waqf agree to fancy advanced cameras?


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