I’d Like to Be Proud of Our MK’s But…

This past Sunday morning MK David Amsalem called for a very important meeting. He is the Chairman of the Knesset Interior Committee and he called a meeting so that the committee could discuss the damages to their homes that the Israelis suffered from last week’s fires.

The only problem is that, besides some of the victims of the fires who lost their homes and Chairman Amsalem, no other MK on the committee bothered to show up!  Amsalem was incensed and said: “People who lost their homes come to us for help and no government clerk bothers showing up. This a chutzpah and insensitivity to our citizens. Tomorrow they want me to discuss the Regulation Law. They can come and look for me, I cancelled the meeting,” said an angry Amsalem. He apologized to those who did take the trouble to come.

We all hope that our victims can get back into homes and live normally as fast as possible. It would help if our public servants would expedite the process and not hinder it by their absence.


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