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One Moment Before You Decide …

Now, while you’re in the stage where you’re thinking over your 'undesirable' pregnancy with yourself, just before you finally decide whether to abort the baby growing inside you or not, just before you decide to bring an end to that potential human being, whether you are aware of the risks and the price involved for the step you’re about to do or not, we'd like to recommend that you read the following article.

Determining the status of a fetus in its mother's womb is an issue discussed all over the world, in both social and scientific settings alike. Most of the world's cultures are opposed to performing an abortion. The Jewish position regarding abortion has always been unwavering and unequivocal — the fetus is considered a living creature with senses and emotions, and aborting it is strictly prohibited and constitutes murder.

The Zohar, for example, explains abortion is prohibited because it is “destroying G-d’s building of the world and His artisanship.” In other words, the fetus that is currently within you is G-d's artwork given to you as a gift from heaven, and is this how you will treat it? Will you choose to blot it out, to destroy the potential that the world would get out of this baby?

Numerous studies in the field prove beyond any doubt that starting from the first weeks of its development, the fetus is endowed with the ability to response to external stimuli as well as the ability to feel, hear, think and even dream.

Economic considerations such as “raising a child is too expensive” and others, such as “career first and afterwards we’ll see”, which encourage abortion, are insufficient to overcome the severe prohibition and the consequential punishment. Today there are many organizations such as Efrat or Bonei Olam which give financial help to those who decide to give birth, despite all the difficulties.

And if you ask: Are there no exceptions? Yes, there is just one case in which Jewish law allows the termination of pregnancy, and that is if there is real danger to the mother's life. Then and only then, Jewish law requires an abortion to save the mother's life.

And what about the physical and mental risks involved in performing an abortion? Are you aware of them? Statistics show that the majority of women who carried out abortions suffered emotional scars and deep regret for the rest of their life, not to mention the enormous risk it caused which may impair their future ability to have a child. Medical institutions and doctors who perform abortions, often evade their responsibility in explaining this potential risk, and ignore the mental and medical dangers involved in the process.

The bottom line, of course, is that the final decision is yours. We just want to give you a complete picture that includes all implications to help you make the right decisions at the right time.

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