Visiting the Cemetery



My Grandfather, may he rest in peace (my mother’s father) passed away about a month before my father, may he rest in peace. Over the past few years, my mother and I have been going together to the cemetery on both dates. I would like to know whether it would be okay to visit both on the same date instead. For example, on the date my Grandfather passed away, which is a month before the date my father passed away. We would simply visit my father’s grave on the same day as opposed to having to come back the next month. I don’t have an issue going twice but my mother doesn’t feel right about it but she also doesn’t want to split up. Thank you.

All the best, Galit


Join your mother when she visits your Grandfather’s grave and on the date your father passed away you can go to the cemetery on your own.
All the best,
Hidabroot staff