I Waited Two Years Before I Signed Up- YOU Shouldn’t!

Meeting and talking to Michal two months after she married David, you can hear the happiness in her voice. “Thank God I merited meeting my husband through the website and I feel that there was great Divine assistance in this”. Michal explains: “For two years already my friends were bothering me and trying to convince me to sign up for this website. I kept on refusing because I was afraid that I would meet men who were not suitable for me and you can never know what's hiding behind a picture. It's true I was a divorcee and I spent a while looking for my next match but I never dreamt of going into the singles websites that they have on the web. As an orthodox woman from a Hassidic household, it was important to me that my match be arranged according to Jewish law.

I did rely on the “Sheva Brachot” (Seven blessings) website because I knew it was an orthodox website that was under the auspices of Rabbi Zamir Cohen so I finally decided to try it. I convinced myself: Give yourself a chance, check it out.”

In the end, Michal mentioned that her husband David comes from Beit Shemesh and she herself comes from Yavneel. “We were really on two opposite sides of the map and there was no chance we could actually meet if it wasn't for the website. Even until now I'm so emotional when I think about how the heavens caused me to sign up on the website because that's where my match was waiting for me.

Michal signed up and already a few days later David called. For a half a year David and Michal went out very seriously. “You must understand, Michal explains, “that this was not a regular match because for both of us it was round 2 and it's not that simple”.

So if it's round two there's more pressure?

“Yes. But on the other hand since we both came to this with some life experience, we were very mature and ripe and we knew exactly what we were looking for and what kind of house we want to establish.

For the duration of their dating Michal believed totally that if this is the right match that it's going to happen. I lived in Yavneel and many times I went to pray at Rabbi Schick’s grave. Rabbi Schick promised that anybody who comes to his grave and says the whole Book of Psalms, he would make an effort in heaven to find his or her match. I read the whole Book of Psalms more than once at his grave and I believed that his promise will be fulfilled. I didn't know when it would happen so I just believed and relied on G-d and whenever it happens it will happen.

As you can see it happened. After a half year of dating they decided to get married. The wedding was a few months later in Yavneel. “We made a small wedding in the yard of a campus of Tzimmer rentals in a party tent. Our families and our good friends came to participate, about a hundred and twenty people all together. It was the last night of Hanukkah and even though the forecast said that everything was going to be freezing cold it actually was a very pleasant day. You could even say it was warm out. It was a beautiful, emotional wedding and very family oriented.”

But before concluding her story Michal must add this astounding fact. “Already in the beginning when meeting David I found out that even before I signed up on the website David had already visited Rabbi Schick’s grave and said the entire Book of Psalms so our effort was really a double effort.”

A week before the wedding David and Michal went to Rabbi Schick’s grave together to read the Book of psalms together this time in gratitude. “My husband told me that his previous time when he prayed at the grave he promised that he would come back with his fiancé to say Psalms with her at the grave in gratitude. He told me that at that time he made that promise he asked himself; “how could I make such a promise? Maybe the girl I marry won't be interested in such a thing and she won't want to come to the grave? But he promised and that's exactly what happened. We were able to keep her promise to the righteous man buried there.

Perhaps your match is also waiting on the website go into the Sheva Brachot (seven blessings) website for religious matchmaking.


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