Jewish Thought

Request to interpret a dream.



On Friday night, I dreamed a complicated dream that I would be very  happy if you could interpret for me.  In my dream, I felt a sensation of being in a deep sleep.  I dreamed 4 dreams and in each one, I was in my bed trying to get up unsuccessfully, with the knowledge that I was dreaming.  In every dream, I got up from bed and walked around the house, understanding that I am dreaming and trying to wake myself again and again.  Then I went back to my room and went back to sleep hoping to get up.  Again, I got up and looked for my sister in the house.  I went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror, scanned the passage way, all with the knowledge that I was still dreaming.  Finally, in the last dream I was in my bed calling my mother a few times, shouting, and eventually I went to her room telling her to wake me because I cannot get up.  I felt like I would go into a deep sleep if I wouldn’t get up.  When I came into her room it was so dark I couldn’t see her face.  Then I stretched out my hand in hope that she’d do something to wake me.  Then she hit me on the left hand and at the same time that she hit me on the right side I awoke with a boom at 4 in the afternoon in a state of shock.


Don’t pay attention to the dream, like most dreams nowadays which have almost no meaning.