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10 Strategies and Segulot for Tranquility From Rabbanit Kanievsky OBM

Rabbanit Kanievsky OBM, the wife of Harav Chaim Kanievsky was well known for her kind heart and her advice for the women who sought her counsel. When people asked for a segulah (spiritual remedy) from Rabbi Kanievsky he’d say “for segulot, you speak to the Rabbanit!” Indeed stories of salvations brought about through her segulot abound. But the Rabbanit always stressed that the segulah can help when you add merits and good deeds to it.

If you look at the Rabbanit’s segulot you will find most to be spiritual and not magical solutions. On top of her list is prayer and saying psalms and accepting spiritual goals upon oneself. On anything big or small the Rabbanit would say first you must pray from the depths of your heart and strengthen those things you personally need to strengthen.

Segulah 1 against an ‘evil eye’: Saying 11 verses after morning prayers.

Rabbanit Kanievsky quoted her grandfather Rabbi Aryeh Levin OBM that accepted from the “Leshem” (the author of a kabbalah book with that name) to say the verses of ‘Nega tzaraat…’ which are 11 verses that begin with a ‘NUN’ and end with a ‘NUN’ every morning after prayers. These verses are found in the ‘Prayers for after the Shabbat’ as a remedy against fear. Here are the verses:

נגע צרעת כי תהיה באדם והובא אל הכהן“.
נחנו נעבור חלוצים לפני ה' ארץ כנען ואתנו אחוזת נחלתנו מעבר לירדן“.
נביא מקרבך מאחיך כמוני יקים לך ה' אלוקיך אליו תשמעון“.
נהר פלגיו ישמחו עיר אלוקים קדוש משכני עליון“.
נגד אבותם עשה פלא בארץ מצרים שדה צוען“.
נחית כצאן עמך ביד משה ואהרון“.
נפתי משכבי מור אהלים וקינמון“.
נר ה' נשמת אדם חופש כל חדרי בטן“.
נופת תטפנה שפתותיך כלה דבש וחלב תחת לשונך וריח שלמותיך כריח לבנון“.
נודו מתוך בבל ומארץ כשדים צאו והיו כעתודים לפני צאן“.
נושקי קשת מימינים ומשמאלים באבנים ובחיצים בקשת מאחי שאול מבנימין“.  

After saying these verses say the following prayer:

רבונו של עולם, הצל את עמך בית ישראל מכל מיני עין הרע, וכשם שפרשת כנפיך על אבותינו שבמדבר, שלא שלטה עליהם עינא בישא דבלעם, כן תפרוש עלינו ברחמיך הרבים להיותנו מכוסים במכסה ובהנהגה בשמותיך הקדושים מכל עינא בישא“.
Master of the world, save your nation Israel from all types of evil eye, as You spread Your wings on our forefathers in the desert that the evil eye of Balaam could harm them, so too spread over us Your great compassion to cover over and protect us and through the conduct of
Your holy names, from all evil eyes.

אתה סתר לי מצר תצרני רני פלט תסובבני סלה“.
You protect me, from pain spare me, words of salvation shall surround me forever.

בטחו בה' עדי עד כי בי-ה ה' צור עולמים“.
Have faith in G-d forever for with “Kah” G-d created the world.

“ה' עוז לעמו יתן ה' יברך את עמו בשלום
G-d  gives strength to his nation, G-d will bless his nation with peace.
Segula 2 to dispel fear: To imagine the letters of G-d’s name in front of your eyes and say “Ain Od Milvado”.
The Rabbanit instructs those who want to dispel fear advice from her husband Harav Chaim, for fearful situations or before giving birth, to imagine the letters of G-d’s name in front of your eyes and say Ein Od milvado there is no one besides him.

Segulah 3 For happiness: Say 3 verses after praying
A Segula to be happy all day is to say the 3 verses found after the Aleinu prayer at the end of each service. ‘Don’t be afraid of sudden fear, nor the disaster of the wicked if it comes’. ‘They have counseled and were thwarted they spoke and it will not be for G-d is with us’. ‘Until old age I am He until your very old age I will carry you, I made you I will carry you I will bear you and deliver you.’
Another piece of advice the rabbanit would say is to drink a hot drink after Shabbat and say “hot (drinks) after Shabbat are a remedy”.

Segulah 4: Against toothaches; To say the verses in the prayer for sanctifying the moon. From The Steipler Gaon to say the verses in Kiddush Levana, sanctifying the moon: “As I dance before you (the moon) and cannot touch you so too all my enemies should not be able to harm me and that I shouldn’t get a toothache”.  One time the Senior Rabbanit Kanievsky, Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael’s wife got a toothache. Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael said the appropriate verses during Kidush Levana and the toothache went away immediately. But the rabbanit told Harav Chaim not to publicize it so that people wouldn’t think Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael was a miracle worker and would not let him learn Torah peacefully.

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Segulah 5, For stuttering; When baking Challah ask G-d to open the inhibitions of his mouth. The Rabbanit said that a segulah against stuttering is to separate challot that got stuck together during baking over the stutterer’s head and ask G-d to open the inhibitions of his mouth.

Segulah 6 against hair loss: To shampoo with a mix of oils. The Rabbanit received this remedy from her father in law rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky. Mix a tablespoon of olive oil, 1 tablespoon castor oil, an egg yolk and a few drops of lemon juice. First rinse hair with regular shampoo and then shampoo with this mixture and leave it in form20 minutes and then rinse it out. Do this once a week until condition improves.

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Segulah 7: For Success, Say Ain Od Milvado.  Someone who wants to succeed in things involving others like court cases tests, business deals or an important appointment should say with intense concentration: Hashem is G-d, Ain Od Milvado, There is none other than Him.

Segulah 8 for children to grow up Torah Scholars: Concentrating during certain prayers.  The Rabbanit would tell women who wanted Nachat (satisfaction) from their children to concentrate during the following parts of prayer:  the blessing on the Torah “Vhaarev Na -And G-d please sweeten”  “Ahava Rabbah – a great love’,when saying the verse, ”So that we don’t toil for naught and give birth for confoundedness” and in the Shabbat prayer Yakum Purkan after the Torah reading.

Segulah 9 To calm from pressures say psalm 104: In order to become calm from pressures the Rabbanit always advised to say Psalm 104.

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Segulah 10 for medical recovery:  Before taking a medicine to say “May it be Your will that taking this medicine should bring about a total recovery as You are a free healer”. The Rabbanit said that in her family they always said this small prayer and it is brought down in Jewish law.

These 10 remedies were brought from the book Beit Imi, The House of My Mother that Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky requested to be brought to print. Reprinted with permission from Dirshu to benefit the public.


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