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Rabbi Moshe Weiss o.b.m: The Chasid Who Invented the Sound Bender

Rabbi Moshe Weiss, a Chabad chasid who had created the Sound Bender that increases the strength of tablet and iPads, has passed away at the age of 41 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Weiss had studied in his youth in the Chabad Ohr Elchanan yeshiva in Los Angeles and afterward was a Chabad shliach in Australia and New Zealand who taught for many years.

He developed the Sound Bender – a magnetic device that easily connects to any Tablet and iPad and remarkably increases the strength of its speakers.

The brilliant invention brought Weiss to appear on a reality show-business on American television, in which he succeeded in convincing investors including well known investment firms, to invest in the company he founded.

Weiss became something of a celebrity due to his charismatic and convincing personality.

He is survived by his three children, his mother, brothers and sisters.

He was buried in Minnesota.


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