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Special Report: Religious Earn Less, Though They Happier

 The Israel Democracy Institute, published a special report containing data about the haredi community,
The report describes the average income of a haredi family and it turns out that it is a low $3072, compared to the Israeli median $4620 monthly wage per family. This is even lower when one takes into consideration that haredi families have an average of 5 children per family.

Despite the low income, 96% of the haredi public responded positively to the question: “Do you define yourself happy?”, compared to 89% in the general sector.

A special chapter in the report deals with the haredi schools. According to the report, 76% of haredi children study in the Chinuch Atzmai and Maayan Ha-Chinuch school networks, and only 24% (4% of the girls) study institutions that are exempt from government curricula.

The report found that the painful phenomenon of drop-outs leaving the community has dropped 50% in recent years.
The report also anticipates that the rate of haredi population in 2039 will be about 20% and in 2059 about 27%.

The report notes that in 2015 there were 108,390 single and married yeshiva students. This is an all-time high, with the rate of the yeshiva students growing by about 4% each year. This is also the approximate haredi annual rate of increase.

The report shows that haredi ownership of apartments is only 2% more than the general public. While 77% of the haredi public owns an apartment, 75% of the general public are living in an apartment they own.

The haredi culture of volunteerism is admirable. The report shows that the rate of the haredi community volunteers is 39% compared to 23% among the general public.

The report also shows that 43% of haredim have a driver's license, compared to 79% in the general sector.


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