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Data provided by the Governmental Statistical Bureau reveals that Israel's Muslim population is about 18% of the general population in 2015, numbering 1,488,000 people.

The Muslim population in Israel has seen a steady decline in birthrate, dropping from 3.8% in 2000 to 2.4% in 2015. Fertility rates among Muslims have also dropped to an average of 3.3 children per woman compared with 4.7 in 2000. This is still higher than the Jewish birthrate which stands at 2.7 children per woman.

Jerusalem has the largest concentration of Muslim residents — 311,000 — in 2015, making up 20.9% of the total Muslim population in Israel and 35.9% of the city's residents. The next largest Muslim community is the Bedouin city of Rahat, with 62,000 Muslim residents.

Employment rates in 2015 among Muslim men over the age of 15 were 62.8% compared to 24.6% among Muslim women. Muslim women were employed in significantly lower rates than Druze women (32.4%), Christian women (45.2%), and Jewish women (65.8%).

Muslim men had a higher unemployment rate in 2015 (7.2%), compared to Jewish men (4.9%), Christian men (5.4%), and Druze men (5.1%).


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