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“Terrorists Don’t Believe in G-d, They Believe in Death”

Trump spoke in Riyadh the Saudi Arabian capital in front of tens of leaders of Moslem countries. King Salman Ben-Abed El Aziz sat next to him as he gave his important and hopefully game changing speech.

“The U.S. wants security, peace and prosperity for this region,” Trump said. “I bring a message of hopeand love and for this reason I chose Saudi Arabia as my first travel destination as president of the United States.” He added: “We didn’t come to preach we came to offer a partnership.”

Trump explained: “Our aim is to create a coalition of nations partnering in this goal of routing out extremism. We want to create hope for our children. Our gathering here today can be the start of peace in the Middle East and perhaps in the entire world. Trump also stressed that as far he is concerned ISIS, Al Kaeida, Hezbollah and Hamas are together responsible for the waves of terror. “The terrorists don’t believe in G-d, they believe in death, we must work against them.”

“The war against terror isn’t a war of different religions” Trump added, “This is not a war between Islam and the West, it’s a war of good against evil. This is a battle between barbaric criminals that want to wipe out lives amongst upright people who want to live.”

The mission now according to Trump is that Moslem countries don’t let the terrorists set foot on their land. “The way to peace starts here on this ground, this holy ground,” Trump emphasized.

Trump then said the next step is to deny terrorists any access to funding. “Iran is the one funding and training terrorists,” he said. No discussion would be complete without mentioning this country that gives safe refuge to terrorists, funding and even status in society that they need for recruiting. For decades Iran ignites fires and talks openly about death to America, mass murder and about destroying Israel. All the countries of the region must understand that we must isolate Iran since Iran supports terror and is a power that destabilizes the region.”  


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