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The Miracle That’s You, Don’t Settle for Mediocrity

You are unique. G-d created you unique and this is your hope to realize your endless potential. Each one of us is both similar to our friend yet different.
Though this seems contradictory it is true, both statements coexist in parallel. This double truth is the fuel for those with true ambition and determination to change themselves and become the people they want to become.

Unfortunately most of humanity is satisfied with a monotonous understanding of this. As long as women or anyone for that matter are happy with comparing themselves to others they’ll find their lives reflect the same lack of aim, boredom and failure.

These women may have learned a lot about unity but that didn’t make them more united or tranquil since they lack the balance between responsibility and individuality. They measure themselves according to the norms established by others. This limits them and doesn’t allow them to be positively different.

Unity and sisterhood is your legacy but your uniqueness and self-improvement is you. I now want you to allow your ‘I’ to express itself and show your uniqueness. Some women lack confidence and their ambition is to reach mediocrity to feel unity and sameness with others. But if you want to rise above mediocrity you must help yourself.

The idea that most average women are way below average may be a bit cynical and exaggerated but your goal in your self-improvement program should be to aim as high as possible; much higher than average.

The fact is every woman has her own uniqueness and her potential for self-improvement is different than that of others.  

Since your uniqueness as a human is the basis of the potential hidden inside you, you must be totally convinced that you are truly special on your own (without needing comparisons). To plan out a serious self-improvement program where you will rise above average in many areas, actually excelling in some of them you must clearly appreciate the uniqueness of your personality and the great potential hidden in it.

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