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The Misfits and Jihadistas on the Latest Gaza Women’s Flotilla

Tablet reports that the two dozen women activists on the latest flotilla aimed to “break Israel’s naval blockade around Gaza” include a motley group of Muslim Brotherhood supporters, Zionist conspiracists, women oppressors, and murder video game inventors.

Who’s on board these “love” boats? Mostly Arabs and radical non-Muslims who spout a commitment to working for peace and promoting diversity and dialogue, but in practice align themselves with murderers who spend every penny they get on planning and executing terrorist attacks. 

One such person is Ola Abed, one of the people behind Gaza Man, a video game that encourages kids to shoot as many Israelis as they can, with extra points given for headshots. Abed’s Facebook page brims with expressions of support for murderous attacks on Israeli civilians, and her Twitter feed contains uplifting calls for peace and love, like the hashtag #GiveUsWeapons.

Another Gaza sympathizer on the boat is Norsham Abu Bakr, a Muslim Brotherhood supporter who has waxed poetic on her Facebook page posts that the Mossad has orchestrated the recent terrorist attacks in Munich and Nice instead of her Muslim buddies. 

In all fairness, the bigotry of the women on board is not only directed against Jews. Fauzia Hasan, a Malaysian doctor, has openly advocated banning Sisters in Islam, a Muslim women’s movement working for gender equality within the religion.

Wendy Goldsmith, the London, Ontario social worker on the boat, was a guest on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad, a radio show dedicated in large part to promoting the idea that the Zionist entity is behind every major bloody attack in recent memory, starting with 9/11. Goldsmith says she is committed to “working for peace through community and coalition building, the promotion of diversity and dialogue” which is doubtless why she finds herself so comfortable with all these jihadistas and anti-Semites.

The Israel navy sent a naval boat which took over these radicals’ two boats and ended these radicals and anti-Semites’ phony self-promotion tour. At least they had their day of glory and newspaper fame which they can now look back with pride for the rest of their lives.


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