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Yael Shevach: “We Want to Build, Revenge is Not Important”

Israel looked high and low for the terrorists who killed Rabbi Raziel Shevach near Havat Gilad. Last night (Thursday), they found the terror cell in Jenin and killed one of the men who killed Rabbi Shevach. Yael Shevach, Rabbi Raziel Shevach’s widow said: I thank the security forces for their determined efforts to find the terrorists and I send my wishes for a speedy recovery to those police wounded while acting with determination and bravery. But outside of that, this action has no meaning to me. Out consolation is not in revenge but in building the land. I call to establish Havat Gilad, this is our consolation, this is our request and this is the true answer to this murder.”

She wrote to Netanyahu saying: “I ask of the Prime Minister, break your silence and adopt the proposal of your defense minister to authorize Havat Gilad. Bring it up on Sunday for government ratification.  This is our consolation and our true answer to the murder of my beloved husband and father to my children.”

Shomron Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan says: “We bless the security forces especially the counter-terrorism unit for their determination in capturing the terrorists and we thank them. Our consolation is in building the land. I call on the Prime Minister to lead the building of the land and lead as we know he he knows how to do. Bring up the Defense minister’s proposal on Sunday and authorize Havat Gilad. This is what this moment demands, this is the family’s request and our demand.”

In the battle to apprehend the terrorists in Jenin 2 counter terrorist Border Police were critically wounded in a gunfight. The campaign was meant to find the terror cell that carried out Rabbi Shevach’s murder. 3 terrorists opened fire on Israeli forces and one of the terrorists was killed in the shootout, the other 2 were captured. The IDF also had to respond to violent rioting in the Jenin refugee camp. 22 year old Ahmad Jerad the terrorist that was killed was the son of a Hamas military branch leader who was killed in 2002.


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