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The North is Heating Up

Did Israel carry out a planned assassination? The Syrian Center for Human Rights reported that on Sunday Israeli planes attacked a civilian car near the edge of Damascus. The man killed from a direct hit was Yasser A-Said.

At the same time, if you look in the Facebook pages related to the Syrian Regime you would find the claim that the man killed was a member of a militia “Forces to Protect the Homeland”.

In the past Israel carried out surgical strikes assassinating dangerous terrorists like Imad Mornia who was the head of the military branch of the Hezbollah and his son Jihad Mornia. Shamir kuntar the Hezbollah commander in the Golan Heights region who killed a Nahariyya family in a terrorist attack was killed in the Damascus region.

Meanwhile Israel hasn’t issued any statement confirming or denying the attack. But it looks like the North is heating up. In recent hours the Syrian radio reported that they chased Israeli aircraft out of Syrian air space. This also hasn’t been confirmed or denied by Israel.  


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