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The U. S. is Troubled by the “Regulation Law”

State department spokesman Mark Turner stated that the United States is troubled by the legislation of the “Regulaion Law”. “We are very worried about advancing legislation that permits the preparation of Israeli settlements on private Palestinian land. This legislation will fundamentally endanger the “Two State Solution”.

 The Americans are troubled by statements from Israeli politicians saying that this is the first step towards the annexation of portions of territories. This creates facts on the ground which rule out the “Two State Solution”. Changing the facts on the ground which this law will include, worries this government very much, and we expressed our reservations and doubts in a clear and determined manner to the relevant authorities in Israel,” said the State Department spokesman.

The spokesman expressed hopes that Israel act in a way that eases American fears. “We’re talking about a proposal that hasn’t yet passed all the steps toward legislation and we hope it does not become law. We hope that if it does pass, it will include dramatic changes,” said the spokesman.
The spokesman also mentioned the French Summit that Netanyahu and Abu Mazen are both invited to attend. “We haven’t yet decided if we will participate in this summit. This matter is being considered from all angles”, concluded the spokesman.


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