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Veteran Chazan, Rav Ben Zion Shenker, Passes Away, 92, o.b.m.

Rabbi Ben Zion Shenker, one of the most famous composers of Jewish music, passed away at the age of 92 in his home in Flatbush, New York. He was the mythological composer of Modzitzer chassidic melodies, and left behind melodies and songs that are Jewish classics sung until today.
He was born in the East Side of Manhattan and studied in Yeshivas Torah Vedaas in Brooklyn. He became close to the Modzitzer rebbe after he arrived in New York after WWII.
Throughout his life he published over 10 albums of Modzitzer niggunim which the Modzitzer rebbes and he had composed. He was known as the first professional composer of Jewish music who had composed about 600 melodies by the end of his life. Among his most famous melodies was Eishes Chayil and Mizmor L’Dovid.
He had a great influence upon the growing American chareidi community, especially by providing youths with Jewish songs they could sing and identify with.
In 2007, he was honored in a special ceremony held in Israel with the Modzitzer rebbe and chazanim in attendance.


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